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Valerie Rose - The Weary Educator

Valerie Rose aka The Weary Educator

Unlocking the American education system is a daunting task. The educational system is a huge beast, a big experiment, with lots of potential. I’ve been synthesizing all I’ve learned in my adventures and now I am back to help us bring about education reform.

The Weary Educator

About me

My name is Valerie de la Rosa, and I am a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, where I majored in English and Japanese. During my time at U.C. Berkeley, I mentored at-risk youth with the YWCA, volunteering as a language partner for visiting students, and taught courses through the DeCal program. Additionally, I pursued my passion for international education by studying French in Paris and music design in Tokyo.

In 2010, I ventured to Japan and dedicated eight years to running an international school, in Nagoya and Tokyo. My tenure there equipped me with valuable insights into the realm of teaching and education, as I progressed from leading company meetings to facilitating workshops and contributing to the curriculum department.

In 2017, I was selected to oversee the launch of a new school in Honolulu, HI. I embarked on this undertaking with unwavering dedication, navigating the intricacies of completing renovations, obtaining licensing, hiring educators, and attracting students. Though it was a daunting task, it was also a dream come true to open the school.

I returned to Los Angeles in 2019. I embarked on an internship program with the Los Angeles Unified School District. Today, I serve in South Los Angeles, an area that poses unique challenges to many of my students. Despite the obstacles, I remain committed to the belief that children are children everywhere and have an innate desire to do good.

My ultimate goal is to establish a new style of education that celebrates the diverse cultural backgrounds of my students and offers an education that enriches their lives and those of their families.

In my free time, I am working on my blog, cooking, painting, or hanging out with my dog.

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Recent Quotes

I love discussing all areas of education. I’ve contributed to several news articles and blog posts. Here are a few.

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