Month: March 2023

The Play Penalty

What Is The Play Penalty?

Did you know that underperforming schools have less free time? It’s called, “The Play Penalty”. The Play Penalty: When Children Can’t Play I teach 7th grade English in South Los Angeles. As I write this, I can tell you that my brain is overloaded. It is March 2023. We started spring semester on January 9th
The Alarming Rise of Student-to-Teacher Bullying.

The Alarming Rise Of Student-To-Teacher Bullying

This was a rough year for students and teachers alike. How do we address the rise of student-to-teacher bullying? Let’s discuss. Bullying is a Problem and It’s Only Getting Worse. In 2023, it affects students and teachers alike. Bullying has always been a concerning issue in schools, but in 2023 teachers are increasingly becoming the