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Teacher wellness

Teacher Wellness: Health Challenges Faced by Teachers and 8 Bonus Self-Care Tips

Teacher wellness: We polled 426 teachers and asked them what illnesses they experienced because of their work. These are the most common issues. What is a Teacher Wellness Check? A teacher wellness check is a check-in with fellow teachers. Recently, I conducted a teacher wellness check. I asked a simple question, “What ailments have you
Trends in Literacy - From 1992- Present

Unveiling the Latest Trends in Literacy from 1992 to Today

I spent the last month looking over data to find the latest trends in literacy and reading. Here are the main takeaways. Trends in Literacy and Reading Trends in Literacy are constantly evolving. Should we allow kids to learn to read from phonics? Sight words? The Science of Reading? Additionally, literacy trends are shaped by
Consequences of Illiteracy

17 Devastating Consequences of Illiteracy: A Data-Driven Analysis

I spent the last several months looking at literacy statistics in America. This is a 4-part series that explains the consequences of illiteracy. What Are the Consequences of Illiteracy In America? The consequences of illiteracy are far-reaching. Studies show that 43% of adults with Level 1 literacy skills live in poverty. This staggering statistic highlights
Cultivate an affection for books with your child.

5 Ways Fathers Can Cultivate a Lasting Affection for Books

Father’s can help cultivate a lasting affection for books in their children. Here are 5 ways to make reading an important part of your relationship with your children. An Affection for Books In an age characterized by relentless digital distractions, encouraging an authentic affection for books in children has never been more imperative. This article,
Teacher shirts

The Evolution of Teacher Shirts (And Where To Find Them)!

A brief history of teacher shirts, classroom fashion, and cute t-shirt finds! Perfect for Back-to-School! The Evolution of Teacher Shirts Step into any classroom today, and you’re likely to spot a teacher sporting a shirt that proudly showcases their profession. But have you ever wondered how these humble garments went from being simple wardrobe staples
The Power of Language Registers Part II

4 Meaningful Ways to Harness the Power of Language Registers

In this article, I will offer practical tips for unlocking the power of language registers with children. In part I of “Unlocking The Power of Language Registers” I outlined how students living in certain areas of the United States only operate in the “Casual Register” or the register of casual language. I explained why it
What is testing bias?

The Honest Truth About Testing Bias and Manipulation

What is testing bias? Testing bias is real. Let’s discuss how tests can intentionally impact portions of our population. What is Testing Bias? Testing bias occurs when the process of testing or evaluation results in inaccurate or unfair results. This doesn’t have to be done with intention. Sometimes, when teachers are under pressure to make
Classic Mystery Novels for Kids

5 Essential Classic Mystery Novels for Kids

Part III of IV: Classic mystery novels for kids. We will discuss how to read these classics with today’s children. Classic Mystery Novels: A Special Place in Children’s Literature Classic mystery novels have long held a special place in children’s literature, captivating young readers with their intriguing plots and the thrill of solving puzzles. As