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Teacher shirts

The Evolution of Teacher Shirts (And Where To Find Them)!

A brief history of teacher shirts, classroom fashion, and cute t-shirt finds! Perfect for Back-to-School! The Evolution of Teacher Shirts Step into any classroom today, and you’re likely to spot a teacher sporting a shirt that proudly showcases their profession. But have you ever wondered how these humble garments went from being simple wardrobe staples
The Power of Language Registers Part II

4 Essential Ways to Harness the Power of Language Registers

In this article, I will offer practical tips for unlocking the power of language registers with children. In part I of “Unlocking The Power of Language Registers” I outlined how students living in certain areas of the United States only operate in the “Casual Register” or the register of casual language. I explained why it
What is testing bias?

The Honest Truth About Testing Bias and Manipulation

What is testing bias? Let’s discuss how tests can intentionally impact portions of our population. What is Testing Bias? Testing bias occurs when the process of testing or evaluation results in inaccurate or unfair results. What is Test Manipulation? Test manipulation occurs when the process of testing or evaluation are skewed because of outside interference
Classic Mystery Novels for Kids

5 Essential Classic Mystery Novels for Kids

Part III of IV: Classic mystery novels for kids. We will discuss how to read these classics with today’s children. A Special Place in Children’s Literature Classic mystery novels have long held a special place in children’s literature, captivating young readers with their intriguing plots and the thrill of solving puzzles. Classic Mystery Novels: Enthralling
Historical Fiction Books for Kids

5 Great Historical Fiction Books for Kids

Part IV: In this post we will look at classic historical fiction books for kids and how to read these books with today’s generation. IV. Classic Historical Fiction Books for Kids: Stepping into the Past Historical fiction books for kids play a significant role in children’s literature, offering a unique opportunity to bring history to

5 Essential Fairy Tales: Classic Literature for Kids

Classic Literature for kids has been getting a bad rap lately. In this series I am going to go through several genres of classic literature and explain how and why we should teach them to children. Classic Literature for Kids: Fairy Tales Children’s literature holds a remarkable power to shape young minds, ignite the imagination,
Sweet Books for kids

15+ Sweet Books To Captivate Kids of All Ages

Looking for some sweet books to read your kids? In this blog we will explore some family-friendly endearing tales about food. A Sweet Book for Kids Who Love Food Look no further for sweet books sure to captivate kids of all ages. From mouth-watering stories about baking adventures to delectable tales of candy-filled wonders, these
How to spell kindergarten - a guide

How to Spell Kindergarten – 5 Resources to You Need to Improve Your Writing

Do you know how to spell kindergarten or why it is not “kindergarten”? Well, I wrote a comprehensive guide just for you! How do you spell kindergarten? Is it kindergarden or kindergarten? If you said “kindergarten”, you are correct. Kindergarten is the correct word. In this comprehensive guide we will take on the spelling of
The Benefits Of Youth Mentorship

The Benefits of Youth Mentorship

One of the best things I did in college was mentor a young at-risk child. I think it helped him but I know it helped me. LAUSD’s New Youth Mentorship Program LAUSD announced recently that it would begin a youth mentorship program called, “Everyone Mentors”. According to their webpage, LAUSD has identified more than 27,000
Unlocking the Power of Language Registers

Getting Stuck: 4 Language Registers and How they Impact Education

Did you know we switch between types of language? They’re called language registers and it’s possible to get “stuck” speaking a particular way? In this article we will discuss how this impacts education. What are Language Registers? Language registers refer to the types of language we speak in any given context, each with its unique