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Freebies for Kids: The Treasure Trove of Free Content for Families

In an increasingly digital age, access to knowledge has never been more abundant. While educators and parents are navigating through the complexities of remote learning, hybrid classrooms, and fluctuating literacy rates, there’s a silver lining to consider—the proliferation of free content for families.

From e-books to online courses, educational games, and beyond, the internet offers an immense reservoir of materials that can enrich learning experiences for children and adults alike.

If you haven’t realized it yet, my goal is to make education fun. Reading doesn’t have to be a slog. Kids can enjoy learning and you can enjoy teaching them. These are not just curated. These are resources I’ve made for you. I’ve created this page to be dynamic. It will change and grow as my content grows. Enjoy!

The Importance of Curated Content

Freebies for kids aren’t always beneficial. With over 1.7 billion websites worldwide, the internet is a double-edged sword; it’s as easy to stumble upon inaccurate information as it is to find valuable educational resources.

Hence, curation becomes key. That’s where I’ve got you covered!

Educational Platforms: A Boon for Learners

There are numerous platforms that offer freebies for kids. I often use platforms Khan Academy, PBS Kids, and OpenStax because they coverer wide array of subjects but also provide materials that are pedagogically sound. They offer modular courses that align with state and national educational standards, ensuring that your child is on the right learning trajectory.

Screen Time: Make It Count

While limiting screen time is crucial for children’s overall development, utilizing that screen time effectively can lead to substantial educational gains. Websites like Starfall and ABCmouse offer interactive learning experiences that can improve literacy and numeracy skills.

Resources for Parents

Parents can also take advantage of this treasure trove of free content. From YouTube tutorials that explain the Common Core Standards to podcasts that delve into the latest research in child psychology, there’s a wealth of information available to make you an even more effective advocate for your child’s education.

Furthermore, platforms like Coursera and edX offer free courses on pedagogy and child development, helping you engage with your child’s learning process more effectively. I am also working on developing my own course for parents and teachers!

1. Reading Rainbow Posters

If you read my post on Reading Rainbow, then you should download one of these posters. They’re bright and happy and will remind you that reading is fun.

Reading Rainbow Lyrics II
Reading Rainbow Lyrics I

2. Comprehensive Rules Posters for Your Classroom

If you’re looking for posters to set the tone for your school year, look no further. These are some of my favorite freebies for kids because they’re age appropriate and the language changes with the age group. I try to keep my language positive and continually reinforce the language. Kids usually get it by the end of the year. Ha!

Pre-K Rules Poster
Classroom Rules Poster I
Click on any of the pictures to download the file.
Classroom Rules Poster II
Kinder Rules Poster I

As I designed these freebies for kids for the home and classroom materials, I considered my classrooms, my materials, and the things I use.

3. Book Reading Journal Template Pages

Book list for book reading journal
Book reading journal rating.
Cover for book reading journal


I love bookmarks! I have them all over the house and in almost all of my books. I have collections of them everywhere! Enjoy these freebies for kids. 🙂

Bookmark I
Bookmark II

5. Coloring Pages

I think we all need to have coloring pages at the ready for down time. My 7th grade classes still like to color, so I keep them handy for after testing or other periods of stress.

Coloring sheet II
Coloring sheet I

Daycare Interview Questions

If you follow me on Medium, I wrote an article on Daycare Interview Questions. These questions will help families choose quality care for their children. I’ve created a couple of versions for parents to choose from. Click on the link for the version you prefer. They’re several pages each, so please download the entire file!

In Conclusion

I hope you like my small collection of freebies for families. I will continue to grow this page, so please check back for updates. I have some Project-Based Learning lessons coming up soon. Enjoy!

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