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Reading habits in the United States

Exploring Reading Habits Across Demographics: A Data-Driven Analysis

In order to understand the current reading crisis in America, we will take a deep dive into the reading habits across demographics. In doing this, we will consider age, gender, and ethnicity. Then we will consider things we can do to increase readership. Reading Habits Across Demographics in America I’ve taught in many environments and
Trends in Literacy - From 1992- Present

Unveiling the Latest Trends in Literacy from 1992 to Today

I spent the last month looking over data to find the latest trends in literacy and reading. Here are the main takeaways. Trends in Literacy and Reading Trends in Literacy are constantly evolving. Should we allow kids to learn to read from phonics? Sight words? The Science of Reading? Additionally, literacy trends are shaped by
The State of Literacy in Educational Systems

The State of Literacy in Educational Systems: A Comprehensive Analysis

This is a comprehensive analysis of the state of literacy in educational systems. It aims to shed light on the factors influencing literacy rates among school-age children and emphasize the importance of proficient reading skills in early education. Why is it Important to Discuss Literacy? Literacy is a fundamental skill that plays a crucial role in educational
How to Overcome a Reading Slump - 5 Tips From Your Teacher

How to Overcome a Reading Slump – 5 Tips From Your Teacher

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut. Here are 5 tips to help you overcome your reading slump, plus some suggested reading. What causes a reading slump? There are many reasons people experience a reading slump. Sometimes we have too much to read and reading feels overwhelming. Sometimes the reading is too hard and we
Consequences of Illiteracy

17 Devastating Consequences of Illiteracy: A Data-Driven Analysis

I spent the last several months looking at literacy statistics in America. This is a 4-part series that explains the consequences of illiteracy. What Are the Consequences of Illiteracy In America? The consequences of illiteracy are far-reaching. Studies show that 43% of adults with Level 1 literacy skills live in poverty. This staggering statistic highlights
Stop Play-Based Learning

4 Reasons to Stop Play-Based Learning – Use Directed Play Instead

Play-based learning has many benefits, but are the long-term effects worth it? Let’s discuss. Why Should We Stop Play-Based Learning? When I hear a school focuses on play-based learning, I cringe. When I hear someone tell me they are not an “academic” school, I involuntarily roll my eyes. Let me tell you why. Play-based learning
The Benefits of Project-Based Learning: Engaging Students in Real-World Projects

7 Benefits of Project-Based Learning – Now Is The Time To Start PBL

Project-based learning is a great way to get kids moving and engaged in several different areas of study. What is Project-Based Learning? Project-based learning (PBL) is an innovative approach to education that has gained popularity in recent years. Unlike traditional classroom instruction, project-based learning engages students in real-world projects that are relevant and meaningful to their
two little girls on the playground

Understanding Staff-to-Child Ratios in Preschools and Daycares: Why It’s Crucial for Parents (2023)

This is a simple reference guide of staff-to-child ratios by state. Knowing Your Staff-to-Child Ratios As parents, one of the most significant decisions you’ll make is choosing the right preschool or daycare for your child. This choice not only impacts your child’s daily life but also plays a pivotal role in their early development. Among
A teacher showing a boy how to do an assignment.

5 Ways Loop Learning Enhances Teaching: Tips for Educators

Loop Learning is a FREE LMS designed to help educators incorporate assignments tailored to the needs of their students. Enhance Your Teaching with Loop Learning Are you looking to revolutionize your teaching methodologies and enhance the learning experience for your students? Look no further than Loop Learning, an innovative LMS service designed specifically for educators. I’ve been looking
Full Integration of Special Education

Reducing Barriers: Full Integration of Special Education

What is the least restrictive environment for students with special needs? How do we provide full integration for students? Can provide an equitable education for all students? Let’s discuss. Introduction: Why This is Personal I am an English teacher by trade. I love reading and I love the smell of books (especially old books). But