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How Much Do Kindergarten Teachers Make?

Unveiling Salary Secrets: How Much Do Kindergarten Teachers Make?

In this post, we will answer the question, “How much do kindergarten teachers make?” Does your district/school pay fairly? How Much Do Kindergarten Teachers Make? I taught the four year old class and kindergarten for almost eight years in Japan. When I decided to obtain my credential in America, I considered which route to go
The Power of Language Registers Part II

4 Essential Ways to Harness the Power of Language Registers

In this article, I will offer practical tips for unlocking the power of language registers with children. In part I of “Unlocking The Power of Language Registers” I outlined how students living in certain areas of the United States only operate in the “Casual Register” or the register of casual language. I explained why it
AI Teaching Assistants

6 Benefits of an AI Teaching Assistant in the Classroom: A Comprehensive Guide

As we realize the possibilities of AI, we will start to see it make its way into education. AI Teaching Assistants are on the horizon. With the advent of technology, traditional classroom teaching methods are undergoing a significant transformation. One such change is the integration of AI teacher assistants in the classroom. AI teacher assistants
What is testing bias?

The Honest Truth About Testing Bias and Manipulation

What is testing bias? Let’s discuss how tests can intentionally impact portions of our population. What is Testing Bias? Testing bias occurs when the process of testing or evaluation results in inaccurate or unfair results. What is Test Manipulation? Test manipulation occurs when the process of testing or evaluation are skewed because of outside interference
Prioritizing Academics over Equity

Prioritizing Academics Over Equity

A judge ruled recently that schools must prioritize student’s ability to advance over promoting equity. Should we be prioritizing academics over equity? What do you think? A Firestorm of Debate A recent ruling by a California judge has ignited a firestorm of debate across the state’s education system. The judged ruled that schools are allowed
The ABCs of Pre-K1 Classroom Rules: Competency Based Education

4 Perfect Preschool Classroom Rules for Competency Based Education

Learn how you can create preschool classroom rules that support competency based education. These rules will help you design rules to help all students thrive. Why Preschool Classroom Rules? Preschool classrooms need rules because children work best when they understand their expectations. Creating a positive and structured classroom rules is essential for preschool teachers to
Apricus Academy

The Project | Apricus Academy

What is Apricus Academy? The goal of Apricus Academy is to teach kids vital skills they might not receive in traditional education. Find out more about what we are doing! The Life Dream of Opening a School Some of you may already know but I worked in Japan for about eight years. It was my
Unlocking the Power of Language Registers

Getting Stuck: 4 Language Registers and How they Impact Education

Did you know we switch between types of language? They’re called language registers and it’s possible to get “stuck” speaking a particular way? In this article we will discuss how this impacts education. What are Language Registers? Language registers refer to the types of language we speak in any given context, each with its unique