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How to spell kindergarten - a guide

How to Spell Kindergarten – 5 Resources to You Need to Improve Your Writing

Do you know how to spell kindergarten or why it is not “kindergarten”? Well, I wrote a comprehensive guide just for you! How do you spell kindergarten? Is it kindergarden or kindergarten? If you said “kindergarten”, you are correct. Kindergarten is the correct word. In this comprehensive guide we will take on the spelling of
The Benefits Of Youth Mentorship

5 Rewarding Benefits of Youth Mentorship

One of the best things I did in college was mentor a young at-risk child. Youth mentorship is incredibly rewarding. LAUSD’s New Youth Mentorship Program LAUSD announced recently that it would begin a youth mentorship program called, “Everyone Mentors”. According to their webpage, LAUSD has identified more than 27,000 students who would benefit from youth
Unlocking the Power of Language Registers

Getting Stuck: 4 Language Registers and How they Impact Education

Did you know we switch between types of language? They’re called language registers and it’s possible to get “stuck” speaking a particular way? In this article we will discuss how this impacts education. What are Language Registers? Language registers refer to the types of language we speak in any given context, each with its unique
Innovative ECE Strategies

10 Innovative ECE Strategies Other Countries Are Using (And We Should, too!)

As we seek to improve education in America, we can look at to other countries and see what innovative ECE strategies they are using for their students. What are other innovative ECE strategies are there? I love to learn about new strategies and pedagogical concepts. I have read all of the information on our CA
The Alarming Rise of Student-to-Teacher Bullying.

The Alarming Rise Of Student-To-Teacher Bullying

This was a rough year for students and teachers alike. How do we address the rise of student-to-teacher bullying? Let’s discuss. Bullying is a Problem and It’s Only Getting Worse. In 2023, it affects students and teachers alike. Bullying has always been a concerning issue in schools, but in 2023 teachers are increasingly becoming the