Month: May 2023

Unlocking the Power of Language Registers

Getting Stuck: 4 Language Registers and How they Impact Education

Did you know we switch between types of language? They’re called language registers and it’s possible to get “stuck” speaking a particular way? In this article we will discuss how this impacts education. What are Language Registers? Language registers refer to the types of language we speak in any given context, each with its unique
Get a jump start on university by taking community college courses in high school.

6 Reasons You Should Take Community College Courses in High School

Want to get an edge on college? Here’s why you should take community college courses in high school. Why Should You Take Community College Courses in High School? You should take community colleges courses in high school because one of the ways colleges assess students is based on their ability to complete difficult coursework. Parents
Innovative ECE Strategies

10 Innovative ECE Strategies Other Countries Are Using (And We Should, too!)

As we seek to improve education in America, we can look at to other countries and see what innovative ECE strategies they are using for their students. What are other innovative ECE strategies are there? I love to learn about new strategies and pedagogical concepts. I have read all of the information on our CA