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5 Reasons You Should Try Inquiry-Based Education

5 Reasons You Should Try Inquiry-Based Education + Strategies for Implementing it!

If you’ve never tried inquiry-based education, now is your time! Students have agency in their learning, a deeper understanding of content, and a love of learning. What is Inquiry-based education? Inquiry-based education is a student-centered approach that emphasizes active learning through questioning, exploration, and investigation. Rather than simply imparting information to students, teachers facilitate the
Solutions for Struggling Readers: Overcoming challenges

12 Engaging Solutions for Struggling Readers

In this blog, we will discuss different tips, suggestions, and reading solutions for struggling readers. Why Need to Find Solutions for Struggling Readers There is no doubt that students need reading for academic success. There are plenty of studies that show the dangers of low literacy rates and a whole slew of problems. By 4th
Consequences of Illiteracy

17 Devastating Consequences of Illiteracy: A Data-Driven Analysis

I spent the last several months looking at literacy statistics in America. This is a 4-part series that explains the consequences of illiteracy. What Are the Consequences of Illiteracy In America? The consequences of illiteracy are far-reaching. Studies show that 43% of adults with Level 1 literacy skills live in poverty. This staggering statistic highlights
Stop Play-Based Learning

4 Reasons to Stop Play-Based Learning – Use Directed Play Instead

Play-based learning has many benefits, but are the long-term effects worth it? Let’s discuss. Why Should We Stop Play-Based Learning? When I hear a school focuses on play-based learning, I cringe. When I hear someone tell me they are not an “academic” school, I involuntarily roll my eyes. Let me tell you why. Play-based learning
The Benefits of Project-Based Learning: Engaging Students in Real-World Projects

7 Benefits of Project-Based Learning – Now Is The Time To Start PBL

Project-based learning is a great way to get kids moving and engaged in several different areas of study. What is Project-Based Learning? Project-based learning (PBL) is an innovative approach to education that has gained popularity in recent years. Unlike traditional classroom instruction, project-based learning engages students in real-world projects that are relevant and meaningful to their
Boost Kids' Reading Skills with Engaging Hands-on Activities

10 Fun Ways to Boost Kids’ Reading Skills with Engaging Hands-on Activities

Boost Kids’ Reading skills at home or in the classroom with these fun and engaging hands-on activities for kids. Why Boost Kids’ Reading Skills? Children need reading more than ever. In today’s fast-paced digital era, where children are often engrossed in screens and electronic devices, it’s crucial to find ways to engage them in hands-on
The Benefits of Constructivist Teaching

7 Essential Benefits of Constructivist Teaching

In this blog post we will consider the benefits of constructivist teaching and why you should be using it as a model for your classroom. The Benefits of Constructivist Teaching: Introduction Over the years, this approach has gained in popularity but what are the benefits to constructivist teaching and what are the key aspects of

Best Books for 7-Year-Olds in 2024 – Top Reading Recommendations

What are the best books for 7-year-olds in 2024? New books? Classic Books? I’ve curated the perfect list for you. The Best Books for 7-year-olds: Engaging Young Readers Engaging 7-year-olds in reading is essential for their overall development and literacy skills. Introducing them to captivating books tailored to their age not only fosters a love
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