Month: June 2023

6 Ways to Create Foster a Calm Classroom & Positive Learning Environment

Strategies for teachers wanting to create a calm classroom in a face-paced life. Why is a calm classroom important? Having a calm classroom is important because it allows students to focus in spite of everything that may be going on around them. In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, creating a calm classroom has become more

5 Must-Haves in A Comprehensive Rules Poster

This is a complete guide to creating a comprehensive rules poster for your classroom. We have free posters, too! What is a Comprehensive Rules Poster? The ultimate classroom rules poster is a poster that creates a space where all students understand the expectations but also allows students to take chances, learn, and grow together.Are you
Classic Mystery Novels for Kids

5 Essential Classic Mystery Novels for Kids

Part III of IV: Classic mystery novels for kids. We will discuss how to read these classics with today’s children. Classic Mystery Novels: A Special Place in Children’s Literature Classic mystery novels have long held a special place in children’s literature, captivating young readers with their intriguing plots and the thrill of solving puzzles. As
Historical Fiction Books for Kids

5 Great Historical Fiction Books for Kids

Part IV: In this post we will look at classic historical fiction books for kids and how to read these books with today’s generation. IV. Classic Historical Fiction Books for Kids: Stepping into the Past Historical fiction books for kids play a significant role in children’s literature, offering a unique opportunity to bring history to

5 Essential Fairy Tales: Classic Literature for Kids

Classic Literature for kids has been getting a bad rap lately. In this series I am going to go through several genres of classic literature and explain how and why we should teach them to children. Classic Literature for Kids: Fairy Tales Children’s literature holds a remarkable power to shape young minds, ignite the imagination,
Part II: Classic Adventure Tales for Kids

5 Best Classic Adventure Tales for Kids

Part II of IV: Part II of classic adventure tales for kids, we will dive into adventure tales and how to read them in today’s world. Part II: Classic Adventure Tales for Kids Classic adventure tales have a magnetic pull on young readers, captivating their imaginations and transporting them to worlds filled with excitement and
Discover traditional literature books for kids.

6 Reasons to Discover the Timeless Charm of Traditional Literature Books for Kids

Seek out traditional literature books for kids so they can rediscover the worlds we enjoyed as children. Here’s how. The Magic of Traditional Children’s Literature In a world dominated by screens and technology, it’s more important than ever to nurture a love for reading in our children. While e-books and interactive apps have their place,
Sweet Books for kids

15+ Sweet Books To Captivate Kids of All Ages

Looking for some sweet books to read your kids? In this blog we will explore some family-friendly endearing tales about food. A Sweet Book for Kids Who Love Food Look no further for sweet books sure to captivate kids of all ages. From mouth-watering stories about baking adventures to delectable tales of candy-filled wonders, these