Month: June 2023

How to spell kindergarten - a guide

How to Spell Kindergarten – 5 Resources to You Need to Improve Your Writing

Do you know how to spell kindergarten or why it is not “kindergarten”? Well, I wrote a comprehensive guide just for you! How do you spell kindergarten? Is it kindergarden or kindergarten? If you said “kindergarten”, you are correct. Kindergarten is the correct word. In this comprehensive guide we will take on the spelling of
Book reading journal

5 Reasons Your Child Needs a Reading Book Journal This Summer

Summer reading doesn’t have to be work. Teach your student/child how to enjoy reading with a reading book journal. Summer is the perfect time for children to find inspiration as they dive into the world of books, explore new stories, and unleash their imagination. And what better way to make the most of their reading
The Benefits Of Youth Mentorship

The Benefits of Youth Mentorship

One of the best things I did in college was mentor a young at-risk child. I think it helped him but I know it helped me. LAUSD’s New Youth Mentorship Program LAUSD announced recently that it would begin a youth mentorship program called, “Everyone Mentors”. According to their webpage, LAUSD has identified more than 27,000
Prioritizing Academics over Equity

Prioritizing Academics Over Equity

A judge ruled recently that schools must prioritize student’s ability to advance over promoting equity. Should we be prioritizing academics over equity? What do you think? A Firestorm of Debate A recent ruling by a California judge has ignited a firestorm of debate across the state’s education system. The judged ruled that schools are allowed

The ABCs of Preschool Classroom Rules: Competency Based Education

Learn how you can created preschool classroom rules that support competency based education. These rules will help you design rules to help all students thrive. Creating a positive and structured learning environment is essential for preschool teachers to foster the development and growth of their young students. With so much to cover in a short
What do teachers do in the summer?

5 Essential Ways I Use My Teacher Summer Break?

What is a teacher summer? What do we do? We are always thinking about how to be better teachers. Honestly many of us are still thinking about your children. Ever wonder what do teachers do in the summer? The summer months are often seen as a time for relaxation and rejuvenation, a chance to unwind